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In an always-online world, time is the new competitive edge. A marketer that acts on a trending topic while it is still trending can have an edge over another that acts the following week.

The internet and mobility have empowered the consumer to find, share and spread information, to preview trends, to explore options, to get peer confirmation – not in a couple of days, not tomorrow, but now. This is especially true in the case of thought leaders, those who are on the leading edge and whose opinions eventually become mass truths. To gain the upper hand, marketers need the power of real-time insights: insight at the speed of the consumer.

Enter Crowdder, the Philippines’ first real-time insight crowd sourcing app. Crowdder is the product of cross-disciplinary collaboration among Lowe Philippines’ Creative, Planning and Digital teams. Crowdder is an original web-based application that combines realtime crowdsourcing of insights with social gaming. For marketers, Crowdder can fill the gap between highly informal backyard surveys and focus groups that take weeks to mount. For the panelists, Crowdder allows them to see which questions need answers, unlock points and virtual goods in exchange for answers, create rooms and populate these with virtual goods, and socialize with other panelists though room visits and a public chat area.

With Crowdder, marketers have direct access to thought leaders carefully selected using Lowe’s proprietary screening process. These are individuals at the forefront of new ideas, whose attitude allow them to give interesting and useful answers to client queries.

Crowdder is a very creative use of technology, the likes of which we have not seen in the local advertising industry till now. We are thrilled because it’s Philippine-made, but most of all because it provides real value in a time of constant change.