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Lowe Philippines has been awarded duties for marketing the retail segment of Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI). The work was won following a six-way pitch process, held in Manila at the end of 2013. Work on BPI’s national, full-service, advertising and communications begins immediately.

Marie Josephine M. Ocampo, Senior Vice-President & Chief Marketing Officer, BPI comments: “Lowe ticked all the boxes of our pitch criteria, most significantly in the areas of strategic insight and creative execution. We believe that the campaign leveraged on BPI’s experience and expertise of 164 years, captured BPI’s advocacy of financial wellness and heightened the strengths of BPI’s various products and services.”

“Given a robust Philippine economy, it is BPI’s vision to be more accessible and relevant to all bankable Filipinos, and to contribute, in a meaningful way to the betterment of their lives. It is our aspiration to be their primary bank and enabler of all their ambitions, providing them advice and a fast array of savings, investment, loans and payment options.”

Leigh Reyes, President and CCO, Lowe Philippines adds: “The best pitches are personal, when you believe in the client brief and just run with it, because something in it resonates and can truly make a difference in people’s lives. The pitch team experienced many eureka moments, not only about the brand BPI and its products and services, but also about our own lives and finances. I think the BPI team couldn’t help but see the genuine passion and enthusiasm we brought to the table. We’re delighted to be BPI’s new advertising partner and are committed to the hard work it takes to build a great partnership.”

BPI’s retail business is a significant driver of the bank’s total NIBT, contributing at least 40% of the bank’s business.

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The contract will run for two years.

Pitch participants / incumbents are undisclosed.

About BPI

Through the years, BPI has been a beacon of financial confidence. Its strong heritage in responsible banking is evidenced by the many accolades the Bank has gained both from industry experts and ordinary customers.

Now, at a time of extreme consumerism, there’s a heightened call for financial responsibility. Now more than ever, how people manage their money is more important than how much of it they have.

BPI finds itself in the strongest position to heed this call. Its products and services are tailored to help people maximize what they have to afford the life they want—from the young family who wants to build their own home, to the taxi driver who wants to own the car he drives, to the overseas worker who wants to come home for good.

Different people have different dreams, hopes, and aspirations but BPI works to make a better life more reachable for everyone. BPI pursues this mission guided by the belief that the life we want does not depend on what we have. It’s what we do with what we have.